How to apply for a grant

Children’s Rare Disease Organization (CRDO) makes grants to other organizations that conduct research into causes, cures and treatments of rare children’s diseases. The recipient organizations will be required to submit a detailed proposal about their research study. The Organizations Board will review the proposal and determine whether to fund it.  Once the grant is honored, there will be a commitment for the receiver to conduct the research per the agreed proposal and provide progress reports including how the granted funds are utilized. If the funds are misused, or appear to be misused, the recipient organization will be required to make restitution of any misused funds and must agree to this as a condition of the grant. The Board intends to maintain a detailed account of distributions made to each organization every year. These distributions will be reviewed by the Board at year-end. There will be no relationship between the Organization and the recipient organization besides a shared mission to cure rare childhood diseases. The review of the grant and final decision will also consider the unmet medical needs and seriousness of the disease.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please fill in the form attached and submit it to  A representative will contact you for more details. You will be guided to submit a grant proposal with a budget sheet. A sample budget sheet is attached with the application form as a reference.


           Click to download the application for a grant.