The performance of research studies to evaluate drugs in children are critical for determining the safety and efficacy of medications in children. …Without proper drug studies in children, children may not benefit from and may even be harmed by drugs that are available to adults. Also, certain disorders affect children primarily, necessitating drug testing on appropriately aged subjects. It is morally imperative, therefore, to formally study drugs in children so that they can enjoy appropriate access to existing and new therapeutic agents” 1

CRDO form a group of network resources for scientists worldwide working on children’s rare diseases. We can provide free research funding, early research guide, advice of making promising research findings to useful and beneficial drugs to treat the patients.  The experts in the network will provide scientific and research guidance, regulatory and clinical strategy, business advice, and ultimate help to bring promising drugs to the needed children. Find out more about online games casino.




  1. Robert E. Shaddy, MD, Scott C. Denne, MD and The Committee on Drugs and Committee on Pediatric Research. PEDIATRICS Vol. 125 No. 4 April 2010, pp. 850- 860